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What's Brothers Live at Jive delivery ticket

A funky and soulful super band led by Kazu, the master of the shop and known as "God"! ︎

From 70's Funk Soul series numbers, nostalgic Japanese music to crazy Jazz and Fusion, we will cover your repertoire with a "naughty" spirit. I'll do the original too ♪


Kazu Vo, Gt, Leader

Yuya High School Super Gt

Close-up Ikashita Sax, Vo

Keiichirou Amazing Bass

Issie Pure Drums

Ayako Hayasaka Beautiful Pf, Key

Guest Vo. Hikari-chan ★

Delivery start around 20:30

I'll do a couple of stages. (With glue)

1st floor, 1st Wako Building, 1-3-5-1 Teinehoncho, Teine-ku, Sapporo

Inquiries 011-685-8444



(Directly to the master)

2020-11-28 Naughty Brothers Live Delivery Ticket

  • It is a delivery ticket that you can see the live performance.

    We will inform you of the delivery destination URL by e-mail to those who purchased.

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