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Keiichiro Fujita

K-ichiro's Profile

・ Beginning violin in private lessons for Suzuki talent education from the age of 4, learn in private lessons until the second year of high school. During that time, he appeared in ensemble, quartet, and solo recital. Since coming to Sapporo at the age of 6, he has mainly studied under Yasuyuki Hijikata.

・ Started self-taught electric bass, which I was interested in from high school, and started band activities.

・ In 1993, when I graduated from high school, I went to the United States to study music. Enrolled in the jazz department of "Johnson State College" in Vermont on the east coast of the United States.

Completed harmony, jazz theory, arrangement, and Latin music in two years. He studied theory under Andy Shapiro, and jazz bass playing and wood bass playing under Clyde Stats, who is famous for his historical studies of jazz.

Joined a big band and jazz combo while studying abroad. In addition, he formed a band in the form of a guitar duo and piano trio, and gained popularity at regular gigs at cafes and restaurants in the city.

・ Returned in 1995. Started band activities in the city.

・ Since 1996, he has joined the big family funk band "Planet's" (Yuseizu), which has prevailed in Sapporo. In charge of bass, composition, arrangement, horn arrangement, etc. Popular in collaboration with DJs, Boss the MC (ill-bostino / tha Bule Harb) and other underground Hip Hop artists. Released an album in 1998. In collaboration with the brass band at the solo live in August 1998, I was in charge of orchestration and arrangement of all parts.

・ In July 1997, Sapporo joined as an exclusive bassist of "Live & Shot Bar 21st Century" in Susukino.

・ In April 1998, worked as a bass teacher at ESP / MI JAPAN Sapporo School.

・ In 1999, participated in the recording of the duo unit "Beret" from Asahikawa, who made a major debut from Sony. It will be on sale in the national district.

・ Participated in tours, projects and recordings of producer Gary Scott, a saxophonist currently active in Tokyo.

・ Since 2000, I had been a lecturer in electric bass and music theory classes at Sapporo Sound Art College.

・ In 2002, I joined the jazz piano trio "Latte". Released 1st full album "Rendez-vous". In addition, he will energetically tour all over Japan to Wakkanai in the north and Okinawa in the south. It is well received in various places.

・ In 2007, the trio of world-famous saxophone player Toshio Tanoshiro attracted the audience by putting together a band with a sound that was beyond the common sense of electric bass, despite the unique organization without chord instruments.

・ In 2009, won the Grand Prix at the " Strongest Players Contest " sponsored by Rittor Music. Obtained the title of No. 1 in Japan in both name and reality.


・ In addition, while teaching younger generations as a part-time lecturer at Hokkaido High School of Arts Sapporo Campus and Sapporo Broadcasting Arts & Music Dance College (SBM), he is energetically active all over the country.

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