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Lessons | Lessons

From complete beginners to those who want to take the next step, those who want to study theory, etc.

I offer lessons tailored to the various needs of each individual.

Feel free to start with a trial lesson ♪

Price / time

▷ Basic charge

One lesson → 50 minutes ¥ 4,000.-

+ Studio fee

→ Includes all musical scores and materials used for lessons.

(Instruments are not included.)

Lesson style

① On-demand style

The date and time of the lesson is decided each time the next lesson date.

You can proceed according to your budget and schedule.

② Monthly fee lesson

Monthly prepayment system once a week, four times a month

¥ 14,000 (→ ¥ 2,000 deals ♪)

You can also proceed with lessons in a short-term intensive manner.

☆ Point !!
→ If you want to quit on the way, you can quit anytime !!
  (In the case of a monthly fee system, the lesson fee that could not be digested will be refunded.)
→ We can also handle things like "I want you to take a little lesson for the live performance" and "I want to do this song properly in recording".
If you do it in a studio, please pay the studio fee separately.
In addition, a separate transportation fee may be charged for business trip lessons to your home.
Please contact us for more information.

Lesson course

▷ Introductory course

Firmly support from the basics of bass performance. Master the skills required for bass playing from the three perspectives of rhythm, scale, and harmony.

▷ Intermediate course

This lesson is for people who have some experience. If you wish, we will arrange the content that suits you.


For example ...

・ I want to master Funk rhythms.

・ I want to strengthen picking.

・ I want to be able to play the bass-line along with the chord progression fluently.


And so on ...

▷ Professional course

This course is for those who want to become a professional bassist.
It covers the following curriculum.
・ Music theory, scale, chord
・ Rhythm training
・ Genre-based bass exercises
・ How to read and write chords and chords
・ How to care for your body and mental health
It is a little deep and informative lesson that is practical andl based on abundant industry experience and tour experience . (It's tough.)

Music theory composition arrangement

▷ Music theory course

Speaking of "music theory", just hearing its name gives the impression that it is difficult and confusing, but that is not the case at all ♪


Although I am also a bassist, I have also been in charge of theory and listening (ear training) classes at music schools. Based on abundant teaching experience, I will teach "useful music theory" in line with practice without any formal commentary.

In addition, the original text will teach you gently, politely and patiently until even a complete beginner can understand it.


・ How to read and write notes

・ How to read and write the staff

・ What is pitch?

・ Talk about Key system

・ Chords & Scales relationship


→ I bought a theory book, but I still don't understand ...

→ I want to study the theory again, also as a review!

... and so on, to suit your needs.

Band clinic

Now is the time to make music on your smartphone. Dive into the world of DTM using your smartphone or computer!

Of course, recording using full-fledged equipment, I will teach you the basics of typing. I teach kindly and politely to people who are not familiar with computers and smartphones.

We will also help you with your concerns such as "I don't know what kind of equipment I should have...".

Band clinic

"How can I make a cooler band sound?"
For those of you who are seriously worried about the band, we will teach you the secrets of the ensemble from making sounds in the studio to staging in the production with a special band for the contest.

1 hour ¥ 6000 ~

※ Take in the price consultation.

Feel free to start with a trial lesson ♪
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